How to keep your office clean and well maintained? 

Everyone loves to live in a healthy environment. The office is the place where people spend most of their time after home. It requires to be well maintained and clean to keep a healthy environment at the office place. You can keep your positive reputation among the guests and employees. Due to a busy work schedule, many office teams fail to do so. Here are some tips on how you can keep your office clean and well maintained at all times. 

General tips to keep the office clean:

  • Use a paper shredder to destroy your papers.
  • Hire a technician or expert to clean the ac filters and evaporated cooler.
  • Organize regular office cleaning staff for daily cleanings such as bin liner change, kitchen, toilet or benchtop cleaning.
  • Try to clean your cup or dishes after use. If you leave the coffee or tea in a cup for a long time then it will leave a very strong strain. 
  • Distribute small tasks of dishwashing cycle run, and watering the plant among the team. 
  • Carpet is a highly used area and quickly gets dirty. Hire a professional carpet cleaning team once or twice a year. 
  • Try to clean and organize your desk as much as possible. Use disinfectant wipes or multi-purpose liquid to wipe down your table.
  • Organise your documents in a rack properly.
  • If you spill tea or coffee on the table or carpet then clean it at the same time to avoid discolouration of the carpet and table.
  • Maintain your toilet and clean it after use. Use an air purifier or scented candles to avoid dirty smells.

Office end of lease cleaning Melbourne 

Tenants need to hand over the keys in reasonably clean conditions. When you’re moving from the rental office to retail space then take care of the basic end of lease cleaning. Here are some tips on the office end of lease cleaning and moving. 

  • Hire professional packers and movers for easy moving. They can move your desktops and other electronics items without any damage.
  • Pack your documents and files in a box with the proper labels so they don’t mix while moving. 
  • Discard items that are no more in a use or donate them.
  • Assign small duties to your team such as packing their stuff and wiping their tables. 
  • Don’t forget to empty your kitchen, fridge items and pantry items. 
  • Complete empty your office by yourself or hire a mover. Keep in mind that movers can only move your items so keep your boxes ready to move. 
  • Check with your rental agent for the cleaning list. 
  • Take care of your plants during the end of lease.

Hire an end of lease cleaning Melbourne team to take care of the professional office end of lease cleaning. We have an expert end of lease cleaning team who can clean the office per the rental agent standard. They cover every part of the office spaces such as board rooms, work room, kitchen, dining room and toilet. The carpet is the dirtiest part of the office. Even if you clean the office by yourself, you may hire a professional carpet cleaner. A professional team can also steam clean the carpet and prepare the office to welcome the next tenant. 

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