Thorough Window Cleaning Guide and Tips

Window cleaning includes cleaning the window sills,  frames, glasses and fly screens. It takes a lot of time and requires a deep window cleaning. Professional window cleaners provide a thorough inside and outside window cleaning service to match your requirements. Here are some basic window cleaning tips and guides. 

Windowsills Cleaning:

  • It is the narrower bottom part of the window. Window sills get dirty from the dust and rainwater drips. Flies and bugs also end up dying in window sills while looking for the way out.
  • Use wet wipes or rubbing wipes to clean the dust easily with the fingertips.
  • A vacuum cleaner with a small attachment can easily remove the cobwebs and dust from the small gap within window sills.
  • Use a thin bristle brush to scrub the area without damage. Clean the window sills with a wet microfiber cloth or soapy water solution.
  • You can also use vinegar and water solution for regular window sill cleaning. Let it air dry before closing the sliding door or window glass to avoid dust stuck on the surface.

Window Frames Cleaning:

  • Generally, window frames are made from timber, vinyl or aluminium. It is the structural strong part of the window. It’s easy to clean window frames regularly by simply cleaning the surfaces with a microfiber cloth.
  • Use a soapy water or vinegar water solution in a spray bottle to apply on the window frames. You can also use a multi-purpose spray to wipe down window frames.
  • Apply gentle pressure or rub the areas with stains or mould.
  • Wipe down the surfaces with the clean and dry microfiber cloth otherwise, you end up making them more dirty.
  • Wet clothes can leave streaks and water marks after cleaning due to poor cleaning techniques. Try to use minimal water to clean the window frames to avoid the cleaning issues.

Window Glasses Cleaning:

Window glass cleaning

  • It is easily noticeable by anyone when they’re dirty or dusty. Window glasses need to be cleaned from the inside and outside for a completely shiny appearance.
  • In a spray bottle, add 50% vinegar and 50% water and mix them well. Spray this solution directly on window glasses to remove streaks, dirt and dust from the surfaces.
  • Use a window cleaning squeegee and dry microfiber cloth for a streak-free window glass. Wipe the water from top to bottom of the glass.
  • If the window glasses are greasy due to extreme dust and dirt then use dishwashing liquid and water solution. Use a soft sponge to apply this soapy solution to the glasses. Use a soft squeegee to wipe away excess moisture and clean the glasses.
  • You can use a garden hose to rinse the exterior window glasses. Don’t forget to squeeze out the extra water to avoid water marks on the window glasses.

Fly Screens Cleaning:

Fly screen clean

  • Over time, fly screens easily get dust and insects stuck on the surface. After long periods, it becomes sticky and mouldy from outside windows. It is the most negligible part during the regular weekly cleaning.
  • Gently remove the fly screens at the beginning of the window cleaning. Place the dirty fly screens under the runny water tap bathtub or sink with enough water filled.
  • Apply dishwashing liquid and water solution with a sponge. Use a light bristle brush for a gentle scrub of the dirty screen surfaces. Avoid using hard brushes or stainless steel scrubbers to stay away from the scratches.
  • Thoroughly wash the fly screen in tap water or clean bucket water to rinse it well. Thoroughly dry them under the sunlight or shade before placing them in a window.

General Window Cleaning Tips:

  • Don’t use bleach or harsh chemicals to clean windows.
  • Use a duster to remove cobwebs from the window frames. 
  • Remove curtains and fly screens before deep cleaning the inside and outside windows.
  • Don’t scrub the window parts with hard brushes or scrubbers to avoid scratches. 
  • Avoid using too much water during window cleaning otherwise, it will stain the carpet or make dirty and slippery floors. 
  • Use vinegar and water solution to remove streaks from the window glasses, window frames or window sills. 

Window Cleaning at the End of Lease Cleaning:

Our Expert End-of-lease cleaners clean the windows thoroughly and remove dust, dirt and cobwebs from the window glasses, frames, windowsills and fly screens. Most of the companies clean inside windows in a standard quote. Book end of lease cleaning service with outside windows if you need extra service. If you’ve decided to do end of lease cleaning by yourself then follow our window cleaning tips to cover each part of the windows.


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