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Our Carpet Cleaning Service Includes
Residential Carpet Steam Cleaning:
  • Love your pets and kids but still worried about health? We provide carpet cleaning service to property owners, property agents, landlords or individual tenants. Residential carpet cleaning needs to be done once a year so you can keep germs and dirt away from your property and make your guest comfortable.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Looking for a carpet cleaning for your rental house, office or move-in property? We have you covered with our quality carpet cleaning service. We can provide an estimate based on your property size over the phone. Bacteria, dust, debris and other substances stuck in carpet over time. Carpet gets dirty even though your pets and kids behave nice. Accidents can happen anytime and carpet can get stains such as pet fluid, wine drops, kids paint colours, food, coffee and many more. No one can treat the stain immediately after stain so it goes deeper and deeper in a carpet. Our End of lease cleaning Melbourne staff treat the stain to the best of their abilities and leave a safe and healthy carpet for your home environment. We have a convenient cleaning schedule.

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Builders Carpet cleaning:
  • Post-construction or after renovation, carpet gets dirty due to sawdust, dirt, harmful substances, and bacteria. That is harmful to the health and It needs to be cleaned completely to prepare the property for the family and pets. Our Carpet expert removes dirt from the carpet and leaves a fresh odour.
Office carpet cleaning:
  • Office carpet gets more exposure on a day to day basis. It gets dirty quickly as office staff and visitors walk on the carpet with wet and dusty shoes. It needs to be clean and presentable for the guest so you can leave good impressions among your visitors and guests. It’s part of your office impressions and keeps your staff healthy and safe all the time.

Carpet steam cleaning Service

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne

We offer stress-free end of lease cleaning to the real estate agents, landlord, office rentals and individual tenants. End of lease cleaning Melbourne is a locally owned and managed cleaning company, Providing carpet cleaning service in Melbourne, and surrounding suburbs. We offer thorough end of lease cleaning with carpet cleaning service to our clients at an affordable price. Our trained vacate cleaners have 5+ experience in end of lease cleaning, who can understand the requirements of the real estate agents. They cover all parts from the real estate cleaning checklist and leave clean property for the new tenants. We use gentle cleaning chemicals to treat prolonged exposure areas so carpet can retain their fresh fibers.

What we cover in Carpet Cleaning Service

Living areas
Rug (Additional cost)
Mattress (Additional cost)
Upholstery (Additional cost)

Carpet Cleaning process:

carpet cleaning
Hot water extraction pressure cleaning:
  • This water extraction is the ideal carpet cleaning process. Our Carpet cleaner uses quality carpet stain chemicals to address the stain and blemishes before the process. We use hot water and a high-pressure carpet cleaning machine to get rid of mud, dirt and dust from the carpet. Hot water & cleanser mixers will kill the bacteria and remove stubborn stains.
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Dry Cleaning Process:
  • It is another carpet cleaning process available for everyone. This process is done by less or no water, high-pressure cleaning machine. Cleaners can vacuum the floor first and apply stain remover for 15 minutes. Then use a dry cleaning machine with a high-pressure hose to suck dirt and bacteria from the carpet. It is a less effective method than the water extraction method but it can be used for a delicate carpet, upholstery furniture, curtains, mattresses etc.
Frequently Asked Questions
Property required to be steam cleaned at least twice or thrice. It depends on the foot traffic on the carpet. Many people keep their dirty shoes at the front of the property.
We book carpet cleaning via call, email or contact form online. Describe your carpet cleaning requirement to get an affordable quote. No job is small or big for us.
Carpet cleaning charges depend on the property size, carpet material, and condition of the carpet.
The time required to dry a carpet depends on the size and material of the carpet, temperature, humidity and air circulation of the property. Carpets can take 4-8 hours to dry completely. Try to keep the windows open, it can make the carpet dry faster and also let the air come into a property. Otherwise, wet carpet can spread bad odour in a closed property due to lack of air circulation.
Additional charges can be applied if the carpet is too messy. Sometimes carpet is covered with lots of dog hair and fluid, which require more time to vacuum properly before carpet steam cleaning. Messy carpet requires extra time, chemicals, money and effort to deal with the dirt and stains.
Carpet steam cleaning is done with the hot water and high-pressure extraction process. The steam cleaning process can’t damage the carpet.
No. we can’t repair the damaged carpet. We only provide carpet steam cleaning service which is done by the machine. You may need to replace the carpet or hire a carpet repair company who can fix your damaged carpet patch.
Carpet extraction cleaning time depends on the carpet size, material, dirtiness and other factors. If you have a pet at your property then it can take more time for vacuuming and carpet cleaning.
Carpet stains depend on the nature of the carpet, stain age, type and deepness of stain, and carpet fibres. We carry a high quality carpet steam cleaning machine which can remove stains, dirt and bacteria from the carpet. We treat carpet stains with the carpet stain removal chemicals. If the carpet is too old and has some fixture issues then it doesn’t cover in carpet steam cleaning.

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