How do you keep timber floors clean and well maintained?

A timber flooring is a part of a newly built modern house. It’s cheaper than tile flooring but looks stylish and modern. Wooden flooring requires less maintenance but you can keep it in a fair condition with a little care. Here are some tips to keep your timber floors clean and well maintained. 

How do you clean wooden floors and maintain the property?

  • If you have timber floors in an office then it requires extra attention. Hire a regular cleaner who can vacuum and mop the tile floor every day. 
  • Keep a doormat at the entrance to avoid muddy or dirty shoes inside the house. Put a coat hanger at the entrance so you can put a wet coat or umbrella away from the floors.
  • Mix a few drops of light floor liquid with water to mop the floors. It can clean sticky timber floors and maintain timber coating.
  • Use a shoe rack at the entrance if you don’t want wet or dirty shoes inside the house on rainy days.
  • If you have a rug on the timber floor dining area then move the rug and clean the floor. It’s easy to forget this place and dust easily sticks on the floor. 

General tile floor maintenance and cleaning tips

  • Don’t use bleach or bleach-containing liquid on the wooden floors. Bleach can damage the wood and discolour the surface very quickly. 
  • Have a habit of sweeping or vacuuming once in a week to remove dust and debris. 
  • Use a dry mop or little water to mop the floor. 
  • Try to open the windows or turn on the fans to dry the timber floor faster after vacuuming. 
  • Spills can quickly leave stains on the wooden floor. Try to clean the stain within 24 hours so it can reduce the chances of timber floor damage. 
  • Stay away from the newly applied timber coating or painted floors for 2-3 days. The wet wooden coating can easily stick to dust and damage the areas.
  • Hire a professional if you find water leakage in the kitchen or other areas.
  • If you have a pet then be careful with how they act. A dog or cat can damage the timber floor with their sharp nails. Organise wooden flooring repair with a professional team. 

Timber floor cleaning at the end of lease cleaning

Sticky timber floors easily get noticed by everyone. When you’re moving out from the property then normal mopping may not be enough to satisfy rental agent requirements. They always compare the house condition before and after your tenancy. 

End of lease cleaning Melbourne team comes with all cleaning equipment, and expertise to get most results. A professional end of lease cleaning finish with the timber floor mopping and sanitising. They put their efforts into cleaning the wooden flooring without damaging them. A small little thing can change the first appearance of your real estate agent or landlord.

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