How to Keep your house clean during the winter school holidays?

Kids may have more time for other activities than studies during school holidays. It’s an excellent time to involve your child in house maintenance tasks to build their skills. It also helps you to share the household chores with the family. Here are some tips on How to keep your children busy during this winter school holidays and take advantage to keep your house clean during the school holidays. Let’s work together this winter holiday.

Kitchen maintenance 

  • Involve your kids in cupcake decorations or small meal preparation.
  • Your teen child can help you to organise your dishes after wash.
  • A 16-year-old child can help you with the cooking, sink/ stovetop cleaning, bin liner changes and pantry organisation.
  • Check your fridge and pantry items and discard them if they’re spoiled or expired. Train the kids to check pantry item expiry date before use.

Bedroom and house maintenance:

  • Re-arrange cupboards and donate unwanted clothes and toys.
  • Train your teen child for a morning bedsheet and blanket folds.
  • If you have a small 3-5 years kid then try to involve them in a toy wind-up every night.
  • Let your kids feed the family pets. Try to provide dog walking and pet washing duty to your younger child.
  • Train your kids to organise their shoes and belongings on their closest.
  • Get help in the laundry, clothes hang out or clothes folding. 

Moving in/ Moving Out during a winter holidays 

  • Get help from your kids to pack their clothes, shoes, toys and books in a packing box.
  • Involve your child to put box labels or tap on the box.
  • Teen children can help you with the lightweight boxes moving and packing. 
  • Give them the responsibility of a younger kid lunch/ dinner or a pet feeding task. You can finish end of lease cleaning before handover keys to the agent.

End of lease house clean during the school holidays 

If your rental lease is finishing during the school holidays then take advantage of having mature kids during move-out. Teen kids can help their parents with packing, cleaning and moving. They can also take responsibility for pets or younger siblings. 

Moving out during school holidays may be hectic for a couple with small children. They have to take care of their child and have extra responsibility for packing, moving and clean. End of lease cleaning Melbourne helps you with the quality end of lease cleaning at your rental property. They provide an experienced and hard-working cleaning team to get the high-quality end of lease cleaning. 

General house maintenance tips to involve your child into: 

  • Prepare a small garden project with your teen child and teach them about lawn mowing and garden maintenance.
  • You can get help from your teen child for car vacuuming or a car wash.
  • Reward them for small tasks to encourage them to do their work.
  • Involve your kids in a fridge item setup after shopping. 
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