How to keep your house odour free and fresh?

There are many factors affecting house odour on day to day basis. Here are some familiar sources of stinky odours and how to beat them. Some tips on how to keep your house odour free and fresh. 

Kitchen Odour:

  • The kitchen is where you keep your groceries, food and cook your own meal. 
  • Check your family member’s lunch boxes daily. Kids or partner may forget their lunchbox in their bags before the long holidays. As a result, leftover food junks in a lunchbox generate mould and fungus. That spreads a really bad smell in a house. 
  • Check your refrigerator and pantry on weekly basis. Old and expiry food start spreading stinky smell. 
  • At the time of cooking, a strong food smell can generate. To maintain kitchen odour, turn on your exhaust fan or open your kitchen window while making a meal in the kitchen.
  • If you’re keeping a trash bin in your kitchen, then change your bin liner at least 2-3 times a week. You may also use deodorant spray while changing bin liners.  
  • Regular kitchen cleaning can maintain hygiene and a healthy & fresh environment in a house. Use mild dishwashing liquid and water solution to clean kitchen cupboards, gas stove and bench top. You can also use baking soda and vinegar solution to remove food marks. It also helps to reduce strong smells in the property.

Bathroom & Toilet Odour:

  • Bathrooms and toilets require regular cleaning as they’re in use more frequently. 
  • Air ventilation is required in a bathroom and toilet to remove the stinky smells. Turn on air vents while using the bathroom or toilet.
  • Try to wipe down toilet seats after use. Use multiple flushing if required, which can help you to avoid toilet bowl clogging. 
  • Use air fresheners or candles to beat the unpleasant smell at the toilet. 
  • Clean bathroom showers and sink on a weekly basis to stay away from mold build-up. 
  • Open up your bathroom windows whenever you can on sunny days to let the sunlight in the bathroom. 

Pet Odour:

  • Pets are the funniest and most lovely family members you have in your life. Many people trained them well for poop but they can’t control it as humans. 
  • Keep your eyes on your pet’s poop or urine. They stink a lot if they stay on the floor longer. 
  • Use pet deodorant or room freshener to get rid of pet smells from the house.
  • Remove pet odour from the house by opening windows or air vents turned on for better air circulation. 
  • Try to give your pets a proper bath every day so you can stay away from the germs and build up a fresh family environment at home. 
  • If your pet is sticking a lot then see a doctor, they may need better food or medicines for a healthy body. 

Cloth & Shoes Odour:

  • Shocks and shoes can spread a stinky smell as they’ve been worn for long hours and the body can release sweat and other toxins. Put your used shocks in the laundry to wash them.
  • Keep your shoes outside of the house or in a garage to stay away from a stinky shoe smell. 
  • Try to wash your dirty regular shoes at least 3 to 4 times a year to maintain shoe quality and freshness. 
  • If you go to the gym or swimming then wash your gym or swimming clothes as soon as possible. If you can’t treat them on the same day then put them in a laundry or a backyard. 
  • Use a quality dishwasher powder that comes with a strong odour. That can leave a nice odour after laundry. 

General Tips for the odour-free house

  • Curtains are exposed with dust coming through windows. Try to wash curtains on a monthly basis so they can remain fresh or odour free. 
  • Wash your bed sheets and clothes on a regular basis. That can help you to stay away from germs and skin allergic bacteria. 
  • Use room freshener, candles, scented diffuser or carbonated charcoal to maintain house odour. 
  • Open your windows to maintain air quality and air circulation in the house. 
  • Keep your house clean as possible to avoid stinky smells.
  • Take care of pet baths and regular pet hygiene. 
  • Treat your food stains as soon as you find them. 
  • Steam clean your carpet at least 1- 2 times a year to keep your carpet fresh and germ-free. 

Freshen up your house and make odour free at the End of lease 

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