How to clean tile flooring at your property?

Tile flooring requires less cleaning and maintenance compared to other floorings. If you have marble or vinyl tiles then they look dirty due to dust and debris. Here are some of the tips and tricks to keep your tile flooring clean and maintained. 

General Tile Cleaning Tips

  • A sweep of vacuum the tile area at least once a week. It will remove dry debris quickly. 
  • You can use a light pressure vacuum cleaner which can easily suck the dust.
  • Try to mop the tile floor to remove dust, footmarks, oil or water drops from the floor.
  • Microfiber mops can easily absorb the water and clean the area very efficiently. 
  • If your tile area is full of mud or dust then use more water while mopping. Use dry microfiber rags to avoid watermarks on the tile.
  • There are many domestic cleaning chemicals available in the market. Use light chemicals or a few drops of dishwashing liquid diluted in a water bucket to remove germs, bacteria and oiliness. It can also maintain floor brightness, freshness and room odour. 
  • Don’t use bleach or harmful chemicals on the floors. Strong chemicals can discolour the tiles.
  • Treat spills and greasy surfaces immediately as soon as you find them. 
  • Always use a clean water mop after the usage of chemicals or soapy water. If the chemicals sit on the tile surface for a long time then they can leave permanent marks or discolour the tiles.
  • Don’t use steam mopping on the floor as it can damage the tiles in the long run.
  • Move the furniture and clean behind it at least 2-3 times a year. Bugs and dust get stuck in the corner or behind the furniture.
  • If you have concrete tile in a deck area then they become muddy or black because of rain and outdoor dust. It requires pressure wash or chemical treatment by professionals over time. 
  • Tile grouts easily get dirt particles due to gaps between the tiles. After a long time, the grout becomes black and dirty. It requires scrubbing with a nylon brush or sponge. Use 50-50% of bicarbonate soda-water solution and make a smooth paste. Spread the mixture over the grout and leave it for 20-30 minutes to react. Scrub the surface and remove the dirt via microfibre cloth or mop. Sometimes, bathroom and toilet tiles require re-grouting because silicon is made of plastic. Mould can grow in between the tiles due to lack of cleaning. You can try to remove the bathroom tile mould by using mould cleaning products. Some bathroom grout can’t be removed after scrubbing or cleaning. You may need to hire a handyman to remove the silicone and re-filling them as a part of re-grouting.
  • Hire tile and grout cleaners if you need deep grout cleaning service. 

Clean the tile flooring at the end of lease cleaning: 

Most real estate agents or landlords check the rental property conditions at the end of lease. When they enter the property then they will notice flooring on the first observation. If they notice watermarks, and dust on the floor they think that cleaning hasn’t been done without looking into the other areas. That’s why it’s important to clan the property floor thoroughly to avoid losing bond money. No matter how much you maintain your rental property throughout the tenancy period, it’s important to hand over the clean property while handing over the key at the end of lease. Use diluted cleaning chemicals or clean water to mop the tile surface. If you hire cleaning professionals then don’t walk in the area otherwise tiles become dirty again before your final inspection. Use a dry clean mop at the end of your cleaning process to keep them fresh and clean for your rental agents at the end of lease. End of lease cleaning Melbourne provides a professional cleaning team who can understand your rental agent’s cleaning requirements and work accordingly. They leave the tile area clean to maintain your bond agreement fully filled, and tenants can get their bond money back.

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