Attic Cleaning Tips and Tricks

The attic is the extended roof space in the house. The dust can quickly get into the house from the roof area. Many houses have ventilation installed in an attic, so it’s required to keep it clean and dust free. Many people use the attic as a storeroom or children’s room. Here are some tips and tricks for attic cleaning.

How often do you require you to clean your attic?

Children, old age people, dust allergic people and pregnant women are at high risk of dust and dirt coming from the vents. Closed or old properties may have old installations that spread more harmful chemicals.

● If you’re using your attic place as a children’s room or office, then it requires cleaning at least twice a week.

● Attic rooms used as storage, require cleaning at least once a month.

● Many houses have only ventilation installations in their attic. This type of empty attic space can easily get dust, dirt, and unwanted animals like rats, spiders, or allergens. It requires them to keep an eye on these places before they spoil the area completely. Clean an empty attic at least 2-3 times a year.

How to clean the attic room?

● Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust quickly and easily.

● Hire a carpet cleaning professional to clean the carpet once or twice in a year.

● Remove cobwebs, spiders, and dust using dusting pads or sticks. Generally, high roof pillars are hard to reach with hands so use a ladder or long dusting stick to remove the dust.

● Use dry or with less water microfiber cloth to clean the small areas such as the wardrobe or behind the office tables.

● If you have a toilet in the attic then keep hygiene, clean, and sanitize at least once a week.

● Mix a few drops of dishwashing liquid and 95 water in a bowl to clean wall marks and greasy areas.

General tips to keep your attic organized and clean

● Use stackable boxes or wardrobes to put your extra containers or stuff.

● Discard or donate the stuff that you don’t want to use anymore. Check your storage stuff at least twice a year.

● Keep big plastic storage boxes for kids’ toys. They can put toys in them after playing with them.

● Have a regular cleaning habit to treat the room as same as other property places.

● Fix the roof if it’s leaking from rainwater or some breakage.

● Check for safe electric wires before cleaning or using the attic space.

Attic Cleaning while End of lease

The real estate agent or landlord checks everything at the time of lease. The attic is the most misplaced area when you do move out cleaning. Hire an end of lease cleaning professional to clean your property with a rooftop.

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