A Few Simple Ways to Clean the Floors and Mop the Floors

Cleaning the floor is an important part of the cleaning. It makes you feel hygienic and healthy living. The floors look shiny and polished after vacuuming and mopping. There are several ways to clean the floors and make them neat.

Clean the entire floor area:

    Clean the floors is a similar kind of thing where you prepare your floor and move all furniture around to make enough space to clean the floor. Remove all rugs, furniture and other household items before you move the furniture. Wipe down the furniture before you move the furniture otherwise, you end up doing twice. Once you move the furniture, take a mop and bucket with hot/cold water depending on your floor. If you have a wooden floor, we suggest having cold water; if you have tiles, we recommend using hot water. Also, put mopping chemicals in the water when you mop to give some fresh smell and make the floor virus-free.

    Sweep the floor and remove any dirt from the wooden/tile floor:

    Sweeping the floor is a compulsory part of the bathroom/living room. Always remember to sweep the floor and kitchen before you commence to do mopping. If you have done 100% dirt-free of your floor then it would be easy to mop as you won’t be facing any issues of dirt or stone on the floor.

    Use Hot/Warm/Cold water to Clean the Floors:

    Using correct water while mopping is an important part of the technique. Don’t use hot or warm water for a new polished wooden floor. Always consider cold water to avoid any damage to the floor. We suggest using hot/warm water for the tiled floors to make the floor germ-free.

    Mop in the correct sections:

    Mopping on the correct section and the same pattern is important. Why? If you mop in different patterns then you end up making more mess and it will look messy once the water dries up. Always consider less water while mopping and start from vertical to horizontal so you know which part is being completed for the mopping.

    Rinse and Wring out of your mop:

    Always rinse off your mop every time you mop the floor. Make sure you remove any solid dirt from the mop make it wet and rinse it again to avoid having much water on the mop. Also, if you follow one pattern of the mop then you end up collecting more dirt which didn’t come while vacuuming. If you have a wooden floor then you need to rinse it a couple of times before you use it for any other areas or use it again on the same floor.

    Leave the door and windows open:

    Once you do mop on the floor then leave the windows/door open for some time to let the fresh air come and get the floor dry. If you won’t let the door open then you will end up having a bad smell from the mop. Also remember, put some fragrance once you mop the floor so you will have a good smell when a customer gets in.

    Soak the mop and clean it properly.

    Once you finish the mopping then make sure you clean the mop and soak the mop properly. Also, clean the mop when you finish the job and put it in the proper place to make it dried with fresh air so when you use it next time, you feel this is a clean and fresh mop and it will get the job much easier and faster. Remove any hair from the mop and clean the bucket. 

    In conclusion, mopping the floor is part of a routine. I have given you my best tips and ideas to clean the floor. Mopping is the best idea to make floors neat and healthy. If you need a professional end of lease cleaning service in Melbourne then call us.

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