Step-by-Step Guide for Floors Vacuum Cleaning

Find out tips and tricks for your property floor vacuum cleaning. Here is the step-by-step guide for a proper vacuum cleaning at your property. 

Step 1: Move the Obstacles

Step 2: Get Ready with the Vacuum Cleaning Equipment

Step 3: Pick your Vacuum Cleaning Day & Time

Step 4: Create a Vacuuming Pathway For your Property

Step 5: Clean the Vacum Filters and Bins 

Move the obstacles during vacuum cleaning

Step 1: Move the obstacles

Vacuum cleaning will be easy when you have easy access to the floors. Remove your obstacles from the floors such as toys, big trash, furniture, clothes etc. 

  • The floors may be full of toys if you have a toddler or young child in the house. Use a toy storage basket to collect toys in a corner. 
  • Pick up the trash such as empty chips or biscuit packets, waste papers, empty cans or pet waste. 
  • Move your furniture or pet bed for vacuuming the floors underneath them. 
  • Use a laundry basket to keep dirty clothes collection. Collect your clothes from the floors before vacuuming.
  • Choose vacuuming time when your kids and pets are busy playing outside or in the corner.
  • Move the chairs and tables if required deep vacuuming in the office. 
  • Put your small rugs aside to remove dust and dirt from underneath the rugs. 

Get ready with the vacuum cleaning equipment

Step 2: Get Ready with the Vacuum Cleaning Equipment

  • Gether vacuum cleaner and other equipment you need for the floor vacuuming.
  • Use extension lead for easy vacuuming in all areas of the room. It will help you to do vacuuming without removing the cable at a small distance. 
  • Most vacuum cleaning machines have accessories such as a standard hose, brush nozzle, crevice and Upholstery tool. 
  • Empty the vacuum cleaner bin if they’re full. Use a vacuum cleaner paper bag to collect dust and allergens.
  • Charge your electric vacuum cleaning batteries up to 100% before every use to avoid breaks during vacuuming.
  • Use ear-protected earphones for a loud vacuum cleaner. 
  • Wear your gloves and masks if you have dust allergies. 

Pick your Vacuum Cleaning Day & Time

Step 3: Pick your Vacuum Cleaning Day & Time

  • Choose your best time when your kids are sleeping in the afternoon or playing outside under the observation of an adult. Vacuuming will be easy during school time. 
  • For working parents, the weekend morning or afternoon would be the best time for the house chores. 
  • You can pick a time during your kids or pets’ walking or outdoor playtime in the evening during weekdays. 
  • If you’re hiring a regular cleaner then you can choose any suitable time during working hours so cleaners can vacuum the floors without any hassle.
  • The Office team can book a cleaning time with the cleaner after office hours in the evenings or early morning to avoid disturbance during working hours.

Create a Vacuuming Cleaning Pathway For your Property

Step 4: Create a Vacuuming Cleaning Pathway For your Property

  • Decide one-by-one room vacuuming to avoid clutter.
  • Start vacuuming from the back of your house from the furthest corner of the property floor or any room so you don’t have to walk on the clean floors.
  • Remove duster or vacuum cleaner to remove spiderwebs from the ceiling or windowsills. 
  • Do slow vacuuming on the carpet to remove deep dust inside the carpet. If you vacuum the rug or carpet fast it will only take a few dust and dirt. 
  • Remove dust from the skirting board first then vacuum the floors for a deep clean.
  • Try to vacuum the floor deeply before carpet steam cleaning to get a better cleaning result.
  • Check the vacuuming pressure over time for the best vacuuming result. Dirty filters or stuck dirt inside the hose can drop the suction power. 
  • Follow the vacuum cleaning machine setting as per the floor. Carpet needs high pressure compared to tiles that require low pressure. 

Clean the Vacuum Cleaner Filters and Bins

Step 5: Clean the Vacuum Filters and Bins 

  • After vacuuming the whole property, removing the filter dust from the vacuum cleaner is necessary to avoid dust bacteria and allergens.
  • Remove the dust bin from the vacuum cleaning machine and empty it directly in the dusting paper bag or outside bin.
  • Some vacuum cleaner filters are easy to detach and wash.
  • If anyone in the house has an asthma or dust allergy then try to clean the vacuum hose, and accessories after each use.

General Vacuum Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Your Property

  • Start vacuuming the floors from the back of the room so you don’t have to walk again on the vacuumed floors.
  • Use the correct vacuum cleaner setting as per the floors. Carpet and timber floors require a different power for the vacuum cleaning machine. 
  • Move your furniture such as sofa, bed or table to remove dust and dirt underneath at least once a month.
  • Use vacuum cleaning accessories or small tools such as a crevice brush or nozzle to remove dust from the window sills, frames, skirting boards and Upholstery Cleaning.
  • Collect floor toys and put them in a basket before vacuuming.
  • Change the vacuum cleaner bin after every use or once it’s full.
  • Vacuum the floors once a day if anyone has dust allergies in the house. 
  • Train your kids to put their toys in a basket before bedtime. A little habit will help you to do vacuuming easily in a short time.
  • Use a silent vacuum cleaner for vacuuming while your alert kids are sleeping.
  • Open your windows after vacuuming for fresh air circulation in the property.
  • Be careful with the cords while vacuuming the floors. Anyone can easily fall if you step in without watching them.

Vacuum Cleaning at End of Lease Clean

When the rental agreement period is about to finish then tenants arrange the final cleaning of the rental property to get their bond back. Vacuuming and carpet steam cleaning are the last things to do for end of lease cleaning. Otherwise, the floor will be messy again and you can lose some bond money. Our expert end of lease cleaning Melbourne team provides a deep end of lease cleaning service with vacuum and steam cleaning. We ensure to collect dust from each corner, skirting boards, inside windows and floors to satisfy your real estate agent’s need.


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