End of Lease Cleaning Tips for the Tenants

End of tenancy cleaning is one of the disputes that occur between tenants and landlords at the time of lease. Landlord or rental agent mention about the cleaning requirement in a bond agreement so tenants can provide the same cleaned house as they received at the time of the bond agreement. If the tenant fails to do so then the landlord may deduct a major part of the bond money at the time of deposit return. In this article, we’ve covered some basic end of lease cleaning tips for the tenants to secure your bond money.

According to the tenant’s rights, landlord or real estate agent can inspect the property twice or thrice in a year. It’s called as a generic inspection which differs from the end of tenancy inspection. The generic inspection covers basic property checks such as regular cleaning, any broken or damaged item, and security tool check-up.

At the end of tenancy, all tenants are bound with the agreement and need to return the appropriate property to the landlord to secure their bond money.

The Advantages of Hiring an End of Tenancy Cleaners for Your Property

  • Professional end of tenancy cleaners have appropriate cleaning experience, they can take care of all the parts of the property.
  • Carpets steam cleaning requires at an end of tenancy. Expert cleaners carry carpet steam cleaning machine to remove all dirt from the carpet without damaging them.
  • End of lease cleaning Melbourne provides 100% bond back cleaning guarantee to their customer. That means you don’t have to suffer for any cleaning issues. Cleaners will re-clean your property to deal with your landlord’s cleaning concerns.
  • A few Landlords provide cleaning checklist but others don’t provide any cleaning list to their tenants. It is very hard to forget small corners and tricky parts of the property. Experts have dealt with different landlords and real estate agents. They can better understand each part of the checklist without fail.
  • End of lease cleaning requires thorough cleaning experience to work with different equipment and tools. Experienced vacate cleaners can work faster and easily compare to the tenants.

Basic End of Lease Cleaning Tips for the Tenants

Tenants missed a few things during their end-of-lease cleaning. As a result, they end up losing more than one month’s rent from the deposit money.  Here are a few helpful end-of-lease cleaning tips.

  • Read your tenancy agreement for 2-3 times to clear your doubts regarding bond money.
  • Request to get an end of lease cleaning checklist for your rental property. It’s a complete guide to do a thorough cleaning at the end of the tenancy.
  • A few broken and damaged parts are covered by the landlord. The bond agreement provides detail information regarding fixes and repairs. However, tenants are responsible for the damage that happened during their tenancy such as burnt carpet, broken door or toilet sheet damage, blinds damage, missing appliances etc.
  • Take care of your garden and front yard, if it’s mentioned in a bond policy.
  • Try to hire a professional handyman for your repairs. Landlord won’t raise an issue to deduct from your deposit money.
  • The landlord will check all parts of the property. Tenants need to clean the entire property without missing the small corners and parts.
  • Don’t waste your time for the end-of-lease clean if you don’t have any cleaning experience or don’t have enough tools. You’ll spend more than 10 days in cleaning and there is a chance to miss a small thing.
  • If you face any dispute with the landlord which can keep you waiting to get your deposit money, then look for government assistance to clear your doubts.
  • Take end of lease cleaning invoice from your hired cleaning company. It will help you to get your 100% bond money back and fix-up cleaning issues of your rental property.
  • Tenants have to follow all the rules provided by the landlord.

What are the Things Will Your Landlord Inspect?

  • Landlords check all areas and corners to inspect the cleaning, breakage and damage part.
  • If the landlord offers the property with furniture and other inventory, then they can check inventories availability and their working condition.
  • If your landlord has requested you to hire a professional end of lease cleaners, then they can ask for a genuine cleaning invoice.
  • Generally, the real estate agent takes some property picture at the time of the bond agreement. They compare them with the present condition of the house to ensure the condition of the property at the end of the tenancy.
  • Landlords have the rights to check for any damage and broken items at the property. If something has broken during your tenancy, then you’re responsible for the damage and repair from the qualified team.
  • As a part of the bond agreement, tenants must pay regular monthly rent. If the tenant fails to provide regular payment, then the landlord can deduct some amount from the deposit money and discuss this matter with tenants to finish their tenancy.
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