How to Clean the Inside and Outside Windows at the End of Tenancy?

Windows get dirty and dusty over time. It’s an easily noticeable area if they’re dirty. At the End of Tenancy, renters are required to clean Inside and Outside windows as a part of the bond agreement. A real estate agent or landlord will check the condition of the windows to good standards. Here is a quick and easy guide on windows cleaning from Inside and Outside.


  • Clean and lint-free microfiber cloths
  • A bucket of dishwashing liquid & warm water solution
  • Squeegee
  • Sponge 
  • Paper towels or Newspaper
  • Expandable window washer & Squeegee
  • Water pipe hose
  • Extras: Vinegar, glass cleaner or scrapper

Inside Windows Cleaning Tips:

  • Get a ladder and remove blinds, and curtains before deep cleaning of inside windows. 
  • Remove the window fly screen or mesh to clean thoroughly outside. Use a soapy water solution to clean the mesh. Use a scrubber to remove sticky residue and dirt away. Rinse well under the runny water tap or garden pipe.
  • Use a duster to remove dust and cobwebs away from the window frames, edges and windowsills. 
  • Spray a glass cleaner or soapy water solution on window glass, frames and window sills. Use a squeegee to remove the water away from the glass surface. Wipe down the frames or window sills with the microfiber clothes to remove water drops and dirt.

Outside Windows Cleaning Tips:

  • Use a ladder or expandable window washer and squeegee to clean outside windows.
  • Start cleaning outside window curtains with the garden hose to remove dust and dirt. Let them dry completely after cleaning.
  • Remove cobwebs with the duster from the window frames, outside lighting and window surroundings. 
  • Use a vinegar & water solution or Dishwashing liquid & water solution to clean outside glasses, frames and windowsills.
  • Squeeze the water with the squeegee properly. Clean the remaining water drops and dust from the surroundings with clean lint-free microfiber clothes. 
  • Use a scraper to remove bird poo or sticky residue from the windowsills.
  • Remove window glass stickers with soapy water solution or alcohol wipes. 
  • Don’t put yourself in danger if your outside windows aren’t easily reachable with the expandable cleaning stick or ladder. 
  • If you have a balcony then clean the sliding door and outside window glass and frame thoroughly at the time of moving out. 

General Window Cleaning Tricks:

  • Try to dust windows once a week to remove dust quickly before it starts developing a sticky residue.
  • Remove cobwebs and spiders from window frames and surroundings when you notice them.
  • Don’t use bleach or heavy chemicals which can damage the window glasses and window paints.
  • If you’re using a squeegee then start squeezing the water from the top corner of the window glass and continue pulling it down straight. Don’t forget to clean the squeeze with the microfiber cloth after each use to avoid streaks.
  • Hire a professional window cleaner If you’re living in a double-storey property and your windows are hard to reach.
  • Use a pressure wash or garden pipe to keep cobwebs and dust away from the outside window surroundings.

Inside and Outside Window Cleaning at the end of Tenancy

As per the rental bond agreement, tenants are required to hand over the reasonably clean property to the real estate agents. Inside windows are part of the property cleaning. Thorough clean windows can help tenants to secure their bond money back without hassle during moving out Many rental companies don’t bother with the outside window cleaning. Check it out with your rental company or bond agreement if you need outside windows cleaning at the End of Tenancy. 

Make sure you read the bond agreement for the outside windows cleaning. Hire professional end of lease cleaning services with inside and outside window cleaning during the end of tenancy cleaning. A professional Window cleaner can make a big difference for your double-storey rental property windows.

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