How to Clean a TV screen?

TV screens are sensitive devices and easy to get fingerprints and dust on the surface. Here are some tips to clean a TV screen easily while your regular house cleaning.

General tips for cleaning Tv screens:

  • Switch off the TV before you start cleaning with the TV or electric equipment. You can turn ON the TV screen after completely dry.
  • Don’t use paper towels or tissue paper because they can leave particles and create some scratches on the Tv screen.
  • Never use hard water or harsh chemicals such as bleach or other sprays. 
  • Avoid using dirty clothes to wipe down the screen or other areas.
  • Alcohol wipes can damage some screens. Some electrical companies don’t recommend using alcohol wipes or sprays on TV screens.
  • Use an air purifier in your living area which can reduce dust particles from the area.
  • Read the cleaning instructions provided with TV unit manual. Tv screens such as plasma and LCD require more attention while cleaning.
  • Use a feather duster to dust the tv outside surfaces on a regular basis. 
  • If the back of your Tv unit is packed with dust then move the TV cabinets and vacuum the floor once or twice in a month. Wipe down the area carefully without stretching electronic cables or TV screens. Use a dustpan to gather the dust and hair easily. 
  • Do a regular dusting of the Tv screen and cabinet to maintain the unit as new for a longer time. Dusting can also maintain the sound quality of the unit. 
  • Leave the area for air drying than switch on the TV unit.

Things you need to clean the Tv Screen and unit

  • Clean dry microfiber cloths
  • Spray bottle filled with warm water
  • Feather duster
  • Vinegar or multipurpose spray (if required)
  • Dustpan set

Clean the TV Screens with Microfiber Cloths.

  • Microfiber cloths are an easy and preferable option to clean the tv screen without damaging it. 
  • Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe down the Tv screen surface without any pressure. It will remove the dust particles easily. 
  • If you find grime, or pet hair on the back of your tv unit then use a wet microfiber cloth or light all-purpose spray to clean the surface. 
  • Spray water or vinegar on the microfiber cloth instead of spraying it on the TV screen.
  • Start dusting from the top of the unit then clean the down part of TV unit. 
  • If you find heavy grime then focus on that area only. Use vinegar or multipurpose spray on a microfiber cloth and wipe the area with light hands. Heavy pressure or more liquid can damage the plasma or LCD screens.
  • Always use a fresh and new microfiber cloth to wipe down the TV screen and unit. Dirty cloth can scratch the Tv screen. 

Clean the TV remote:

  • TV remote easily gets bacteria due to sneezing and dirty hands. It requires cleaning on a regular basis to avoid spreading germs and bacteria to everyone in the house.
  • Use alcohol wipes or dry wipes to remove bacteria and dirt from the Tv remote. Don’t use too much water or liquid-based wipes to avoid damaging the remote system.
  • You can easily remove fingerprints by using a dry microfiber cloth. If you find food marks or dirt then use vinegar spray on the microfiber cloth and wipe the surface carefully. 
  • If you have a baby or pet in the house then try to clean the TV remote more frequently. 


TV screens easily attract dust on the surface. When you hire end of lease cleaner for your furnished property cleaning while vacating the rental property then they can take care of your appliances while cleaning.

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