Why Should the Landlord Clean the Property Before the Tenant Move-In? 

A rental property change should be a hassle-free process. People have many things to take care of before move-in.  A question arises why should the landlord clean the property before the tenant move-in? 

A Bond Agreement: 

Many rental agents or landlords provide clean property to the tenants. They put cleaning requirements in their bond policy to maintain the property. A bond agreement is a mutual agreement between tenant and landlord at the time of move-in. The landlord has the right to get a cleaned house when the tenancy ends. As a part of the bond policy, the tenant handover the property in reasonably cleaned and maintained property at the end of the tenancy. Many landlords hire professional end of lease cleaning companies to do thorough move-in or move-out cleaning between tenancy changes. 

A Clean and Healthy Environment

Everyone loves a clean and pleasant home to live in with their family. A clean house keeps the house away from bacteria and unpleasant odours. You can maintain your family members’ and pets’ healthy and safe house conditions. Tenants have the right to get a cleaned and hygienic house before move-in. 

Property Value

A regular cleaning and hygiene practice holds the property value per the market value. If the tenant or landlord doesn’t keep the property clean or maintained then dust, and bacteria build-up at the property and leave permanent damage to the property surfaces. As a result, the property looks much older than the property age so landlords may get less price at the time of selling. 

Many landlords or rental agents prefer to keep the property clean when they arrange for the tenant’s inspection before move-in. They can get the desired rent for the maintained and clean property. Unhygienic and dirty properties decrease the rental value and rental applications. No one wants to live in a messy house after paying higher rentals. 

Landlord – Tenant Relationship

As per the tenancy rules, landlords or rental agents can inspect the property 2-3 times a year. This inspection is a quick lookup for the cleaning and property conditions so the landlord gets the satisfaction that their property is in good hands. It can maintain their relationship so the landlord may provide long-term lease to the tenants who are easy to handle and keep their property clean and well.

Professional Move in cleaning

When people want to move into a new property the agent arranges the property inspection for them. Everyone wants to move into a clean property as they have to hand over the clean property at the end of their rental period. 

We provide professional end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne at an affordable price. We follow the high cleaning standards of rental agents and clean the property as per their cleaning checklist. Our hard-working and experienced cleaning team cover every part of the property and provide clean and hygienic property so it can be easy for the new tenants to move in. 

Tenants have the right to clean by themselves with a higher experienced cleaning team to match the quality of cleaning as per the rental agent’s requirements. 

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