DIY Backyard cleaning tricks and tips

The backyard is a beautiful place to create memorable family memories. The outdoor surroundings will provide a chance to stay close to nature and refresh your mood. The backyard covers a deck, patio, fencing, outdoor furniture, Barbeque or an outdoor kitchen, a Pergola, a Dog house or kid’s playhouse and lawn etc. Here are some DIY backyard cleaning tricks and tips to maintain your outdoor space. 

Lawn and Plant Maintainance:

  • Move your flower pots and planters 2-3 times a year to clean the area. Flower pots leave minerals, dirt and sand which can change the colour of the floor surface. They also attract some bacteria and insects. Pressure wash the surface of the mould or mud builds up in the plant area.
  • Spray forced water to remove bugs from the plant.
  • Use hot water or weed killer on weeds to maintain your natural grass.
  • If you have garden statues, furniture or benches then pressure wash the area to remove dust and debris.

Outdoor Kitchen, BBQ:

  • An outdoor kitchen is the best place to entertain your friends or family in the summer evenings. Try to clean the areas after each use to improve hygiene. 
  • Clean the BBQ grill, kitchen benchtop, cabinets, stove and sink with Dishwashing liquid or oven spray. Be careful with the surfaces when they are hot. 
  • Use a pressure wash to clean the tile floor easily. It will remove grease, food residue and dirt easily.
  • Sweep and mop the timber floor at least once a week if you have a kitchen in an enclosed pergola.

Driveway, Pathway, Fencing and Patio:

  • Use a broom to remove dirt from the driveways, pathways or patio.
  • A high-pressure wash can easily remove dirt, dust and grime to avoid building up the moulds.
  • Re-paint your concrete floor if the paint is peeling off.
  • Use an outdoor cleaning liquid that can easily attach to the power hose. It will easily remove sticky green surfaces and make the surfaces look new.

Gutter Cleaning:

  • Use a high-pressure vacuum cleaner to remove dry leaves and dirt from the roof gutter.
  • Cut the long tree branches that are covering the roof. It will reduce some dry leaves in a gutter.
  • Manually scoop the mud out to avoid pipe blockage. 
  • Use a pressure wash to rinse the area and remove dust and debris. 

Outdoor Pool:

  • Scoop tree leaves frequently to avoid staining the pool bottoms. Brush or scrub the pool tiles to remove dirt and mould.
  • Use a pressure wash in poolside areas such as pool deck, tiles and surroundings to clean the sticky dirt and grime. 
  • Follow proper pool hygiene rules to keep your pool clean and dirt-free. A dirty pool can easily spread germs and bacteria and develop disease. 
  • Hire a pool maintenance team for a deep clean regularly.
  • Use PH-balanced chemicals to avoid developing skin issues. Check your pool water health before use. 
  • Regulate clean pool water for healthy and happy swimming for everyone. 

Artificial Grass Maintainance:

  • Use a broom to gether tree leaves, branches and dirt.
  • Remove pet poop with a poop scooper or a garbage bag. Wash the area with the vinegar-water solution.
  • Use a leaves blower or garden vacuum to remove dirt and dry leaves. 
  • Hire a turf maintenance team for turf repair and maintenance if needed.


  • Pergola, gazebos or shaded areas are great places to spend some quality time with family members. It requires a regular dusting to remove cobwebs.
  • Due to rain and wind, outdoor pergolas build up dirt easily. Use a pressure wash to clean the mud or dirt easily.
  • If your backyard is filled with bird poop on the floor. Spray a baking soda and hot water solution on bird feces and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse the area with the water or wipe down the surface.
  • Wipe down the dining tables, and sofa with the wet and clean microfibre cloth. Use a multipurpose spray to clean the dirt if needed.

Outdoor playset, equipment or Dog house:

  • Many parents put outdoor playsets, dog houses or equipment such as trampolines, basketball stands, jumping castles and swings in their backyard to keep their kids and pets happy. 
  • Use a garden hose to clean the outdoor playset and equipment easily.
  • Clean the dog poop frequently to ensure a hygienic and safe play environment.
  • Wash or gently scrub the equipment with the mild dishwashing liquid-water solution if they are dirty or started developing mould.

General Backyard cleaning tips 

  • Mow your grass in 2-3 weeks to maintain your natural grass. It will keep your kids and pets happy.
  • Get help from the gardener or experts if you have insect issues for your plants. 
  • Have a habit of cleaning the kitchen and BBQ after using. 
  • Pressure wash your deck, garage door, retaining walls, outdoor tiles and pebbles at least twice in a year. It will remove dirt before they develop deep mould.
  • Remove cobwebs from outside windows, patio, light fittings and other areas once in a week.
  • Clean outside windows, curtains or balconies with the pressure wash at least once in a year.
  • Simply use a pressure wash for regular backyard cleaning.

Backyard cleaning at the end of lease

As per the lease agreement, the tenant is required to maintain the backyard during their tenancy. We provide end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne with invaluable assistance. Our professional cleaners ensure that the property looks clean and attractive by thorough cleaning. They will also take care of the outdoor space on demand and get ready for the next tenants.

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