How much does end of lease cleaning cost in Australia?

End of lease cleaning in Melbourne can set you back by hundreds to thousands, depending on the size and condition of your property and required services. Here’s a deep dive into how much end of lease cleaning costs in Australia.

End Of lease cleaning Cost Range

End of lease cleaning cost around $200 to even up to or more than $1000 in Bond Back Cleaning. you might find smaller apartments or units and at the higher end, large houses with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Property size is one of the main factors affecting end of lease cleaning cost in Australia.

Property Size and Type

For Studio or Junior 1 Bedroom Apartment:

Cost: $200 – $350

Specifics: Regularly entails detailed kitchen, bathroom and surrounding areas cleaning besides other spaces like balconies or laundry rooms.

Two-Bedroom Apartment:

Cost: $300 – $450

Content: Aside from the needs in #1, vacuuming bigger spaces, more fixtures and potentially multiple other bathrooms(Process).

Apartment with Three Bedrooms or Small House:

Cost: $400 – $600

All Bedrooms Multiple Bathrooms Cleaning Services Kitchen Living Dining Possible Outdoor Areas Details Comprehensive

Four-bedroom House and above:

Cost: $600 – $1,000

What’s included: Adding extensive cleaning of all rooms, plus extra features like garages or sheds and multiple bathrooms/ kitchens/living/dining areas/outdoor spaces.

Caveats and Additional Costs

Carpet Cleaning:

Prices: $50-$100 per room

Design: Stain-free, Dirt Free and allergen-free via Professional Updated Steam Cleaning or Dry Clean

Window Cleaning:

Price: 5-10 AUD per window

Scale: Interior & exterior window washing with your tracks and frames.

Wall Washing:

Cost: between AUD 100 and AUD300 depending on the number of walls & their condition

Notes: Remove scuff marks, stains and general grime from walls.

Oven and Appliance Cleaning:

Price: $50 – $150 per unit

Generally, an oven is included in a standard end of lease cleaning quote. Clean ovens, range hoods, dishwashers etc to a high standard.

Outdoor Cleaning:

Price: $50 – $200 per area

Bottom Line: Clean patios, balconies garage etc.

Factors Influencing End of Lease Cleaning Cost

There are many factors affecting end of lease cleaning costs in Australia.

Property Condition:

Implications: Dirtier or filthy property conditions will cost you even more to clean as they require more time and afford to clean properly.

Time Frame:

Effects: Emergency and unplanned bookings may involve additional costs because services will be expedited.


Effects: Price may vary as per the location in Australia. Rates are higher in metro areas such as Sydney and Melbourne than in regional areas.

Inclusions and Exclusions:

Results: Cleaning companies offer other designs of cleaning plans. What can these include (some as standard, others as optional extras)?

Choosing a Cleaning Service

Some things to consider during end of lease cleaning costs are:

Quote From Many Providers: Find to make sure you are receiving a fair expense

Any extras: You should know the inclusive cleaning service and any extras.

Guaranteed: A bond-back guarantee is safe if the cleaning doesn’t meet your real estate agent’s expectations.

Why the End of Lease Cleaning is Required

Cleaning the house in which you had lived means a lot of work. End of lease cleaning is important so your security deposit will returned to you. This thorough cleaning means you leave the property as a tenant in immaculate condition, exactly how landlords and estate agents provided to you at the time of lease. A bond clean can make the difference between having most of your money refunded.

Bond Back Guarantee

Many End of lease cleaning companies in Australia provide bond back guarantees for their work. In other words, the cleaning company will come back and fix anything at no extra cost if it doesn’t meet the standard of the property manager/landlord. Tenants will not have to pay for any cleaning mistakes made on their behalf. This guarantee is a part of your cleaning service with the terms and conditions.

End Of Lease cleaning Detailed Checklist

The following are usually included in a thorough end of lease cleaning in Australia:


Wiping down all countertops, kitchen cupboards and utensil drawers

Cleaning burners and burner caps with stovetop (including the range hood).

Polishing the sinks and taps at home.

Cleaning of Both Tiles, Backsplashes and Countertops.

Cleaning out the refrigerator and dishwasher.


Wipe down and disinfect the toilet, shower, and bathtub.

Scrubbing sinks, mirrors and fittings

Wiping down tiles and grout.

Clean all cabinets, closets and drawers.

Living Areas and Bedrooms:

Polishing all surfaces (light fittings, ceiling fans and skirting boards).

Vacuuming and mopping floors.

Window sills, tracks and window cleaning

Clean dirt and remove cobwebs from corners of your room.

Laundry Room:

Washing machines, dryers (inside and out)

Cleaning of all surfaces, cabinets & fittings

Cleaning and Disinfecting Sinks and taps

General Areas:

Such as door handles, light switches and more

Dispose of any litter or debris left behind

Cleaning all of the rooms so that they are free from any traces of dust, dirt and grime.

Advantages of Hiring Professionals

Saves Time: Moving out from the rental property takes a lot of time. By hiring professionals, you can concentrate on packing and new home organizing.

Specialization and Equipment: Professional cleaners are experts in whatever they do, having years of experience with the necessary equipment. They know all the tips and tricks for getting out challenging stains, and you can be sure that they will gracefully scrub every crevice so that not a speck of uncleanliness gets overlooked.

Stress: Moving is already stressful. If you have to worry about cleaning standards increase that stress. This is where we need to pass the maximum work on professional cleaners and relax back with no extra worries.

Result Guaranteed: There are bonds back guarantee so you relief that the cleaning will be up to mark. This will decidedly reduce the chances of running into conflicts with your landlords, which in return may help you get all of your bond deposit back.

Points to Consider when Choosing Cleaning Service

Reputation: Before hiring the cleaning company research their reputation scores by checking online reviews, testimonials and ratings. The higher regard a company is held in, the more likely they are to deliver outstanding service.

Insured and Accredited: Ensure you are dealing with a company that is fully insured and accredited. That way, you are covered for any property damage during cleaning.

Bespoke packages: Search for businesses that introduce innovative cleaning offers. This provides your ability to spend the services towards those which are closest match with necessitate as well budget.

Transparent Pricing: Stay away from companies with hidden fees. Discuss upfront and detailed quotations including all the costs.

Environmental Impacts: If environmental considerations are significant then hire a company that uses eco-friendly cleaning products and methods.

Additional Services

Hints from some end of lease cleaning companies on how to save money through these services.

Pest Control: Verifies that the property is pest-free and depending on their lease, this may be an obligation.

Gardening Maintenance: Keep the outside area in check such as remove weeds and lawn of your property.

Handyman Services performs minor repairs such as leaky taps, broken fixtures or damaged walls that are within your lease requirements.


Knowing the expense and solutions covered with a conclusion regarding rent cleanup allows you to help make a qualified option intended for ease along with having an easy transfer in moving available. Selecting a reliable cleaning service that provides full coverage services along with guarantees will help you concentrate on making your life in a new home while returning the previous property in a flawless state.

For end of lease cleaning, it is an important process to provide a clean rental home to get your bond deposit back. When you understand end of lease cleaning costs and factors, then finding a cleaning service that fits your needs becomes easier as it helps in selecting on budget.

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