Carpet Cleaning: Comprehensive Guide and Cost Analysis


Carpet cleaning is a part of home or office maintenance cleaning. In addition to making your home look and feel much cleaner, regular cleaning will help extend the life of your carpeting and improve indoor air quality. This is done through several methods and techniques as each carpet has different materials. This detailed guide covers traditional and modern carpet cleaning and cost analysis.

History of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning has been prevalent since antiquity when carpets were beaten by hand to remove dust and soil. Over time evolution has taken place in the techniques; technology and chemistry were brought into account to apply more efficiently and with good results. It was even simpler as basic brushes and all-natural cleansing representatives were utilized early in the day for cleaning. You had people effective at supplying carpet shampooing solutions. The 19th century saw the introduction of mechanical carpet fighters and brushes with industrialization. Throughout the 20th century, countless advancements were made with steam cleaners and mass-produced synthetic detergents making their way into the industry. Nowadays, carpet cleaning is a developed process with numerous techniques for different fabrics and needs.

Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)

One popular way to clean carpets more thoroughly is steam cleaning also known as hot water extraction. This technique uses hot water and a cleaning solution injected under high pressure into the carpet fibres. This solution loosens the dirt, stains, and allergens which are then picked up with powerful vacuum suction. Steam cleaning is perhaps the best method since it can get deep into your carpet to loosen and remove stubborn dirt.


Cleans and sanitizes carpets deeply

Works on Dense Spots and Heavy Traffic Areas.

Ideal for All Kinds of Carpets.


It takes longer to dry than other methods.

Should Get Professionally Sounded?

It will cost $100 to 400 for a regular home, depending on the area size and condition of your carpet.

Dry Cleaning (Low Moisture)

The dry cleaning method uses little water and chemical solutions to clean carpets. Spray cleaning compound or powder on the carpet. It will be worked into your fibres by applying either hand or device. That material picks up dirt and debris, which is then vacuumed away. This technique is popular because it dries very quickly and is ideal for fabrics that might be damaged by too much moisture.


Drys quickly; around 1-2 hours

Great for sensitive or moisture-sensitive carpets.


Might not get rid of deep stains as well function-wise=fopen();

They sometimes leave behind chemical residue.

Cost – Typically between $75 and &300.


Carpet shampoos – A foamy detergent is applied to the carpet and then scrubbed with a machine containing rotating brushes. This foam then wraps around dirt and helps lift the stains away when [you] vacuum afterwards. The shampoo is used on filthy carpets but can leave a residue if not rinsed fully.


Suitable for deep, heavy dirt.

Provides a thorough cleaning.


If not washed properly it can leave behind residue.

It takes longer to dry than considered dry cleaned.

Price: It usually costs anywhere from $80 to $400


Encapsulation cleaning is another low moisture method that uses a special polymer-based cleaning solution, which when applied and allowed to dry up encapsulates dirt allowing the crystallized particles to be vacuumed away. A solution is sprayed onto the carpet and scrubbed with a rotary brush instead of requiring agitation or bonnet. After drying, the captured dirt is then vacuumed away. This way is very effective and dries carpet quickly.


Quick drying time (1-2 hours)

Leaves no residue.


Great for light to mild levels of soil.

It may not be as effective with tougher stains

Price: Usually between $100 – $300.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet Cleaning involves cleaning the surface of a carpet with agitating pads that have been wet thoroughly in a solution to absorb dirt, oils and soil. The bonnet is spun and rotated over the carpet floor. It allows its fibres or cloth to absorb moisture from wrecks. It is primarily used for superficial stains and can be seen in commercial cleaning.


Fast and efficient in those light clean-up areas.

Fast drying time.


Surface cleaning; does not clean deep stains

Harmful to carpet fibres with excessive use.

Price: ($90-$350 avg)

What Determines The Cost Of Carpet Cleaning?

Size of the Area

Carpet cleaning in Melbourne is a professional service. Size is an important factor contributing to the cost of carpet cleaning. It will take more time, labour and chemicals to clean larger areas which means a bigger price. Most house cleaning companies charge per room or by square footage and discounts are available on larger jobs.


Example: 500-square-foot area, $100 – $250.

A 2,000-square-foot area could cost anywhere from $400 to potentially as much as $1

Condition of the Carpet

The condition of the carpet also has a major impact on cost. High-traffic or heavily soiled carpets cost more. After carpet installation and pet fumigation, additional services (stain cleaning /pet odour etc) will be more expensive. Carpet maintenance that prevents cleanliness degradation is something homeowners can complete themselves to save on professional carpet cleaning costs in the long term.


Carpets that have only suffered light soiling: You pay what the service charges as their normal rate.

Carpet that is heavily soiled or stained: May add 20% – 40%.

Carpet Material

Each carpet material is unique, and they have their specific cleaning methods. Most carpets made from synthetic fibres are cheaper to clean, whereas natural fibre like wool or silk can require innovative cleaning solutions and a delicate often costing more money.


Nylon, Polyester (Synthetic carpets): Cheaper.

Natural fibres (wool, silk)-Limited extra cost due to care.

Cleaning Method

How the cleaning is done can make a huge difference in price. Although steam cleaning is a more powerful and thorough method, the pricing of dry-cleaning or encapsulation methods is normally cheaper but may not be suitable for filthy carpets.


Steam cleaning: $100 – $400.

Dry cleaning: $75 – $300.

Encapsulation: $100 – $300.

Additional Services

Additional services like stain removals, odour treatment (pet deodorization), or carpet protection may cause the price to increase. Some of these services target particular problems – such as difficult stains or incessant odours with extra protection against future stains.


ONE STAIN: $10 – 50

Deodorizer Application: $15-$30 per room

Cost of carpet protection: $10-$30/room.

Geographic Location

Price: Varies by location Prices will be higher in areas with a high cost of living, or in markets that are less competitive because they have lower competition than other regions and thus can charge relatively low prices.


Urban “high-cost” areas: Prices are higher.

Lower prices for affordable areas (rural regions)


Accessibility to the clean area and other impact costs Homes that are hard to access, such as multi-story buildings or tight locations can be subject to extra fees for moving equipment and organising the cleaning process.


Conduits are the standard, straightforward conduit access management.

Hard-to-reach: Under an extra charge to handle equipment

Detailed Cost Breakdown

Average Costs

Per Room:

Standard Cleaning: $25 – $75 Per Room.

Deep Cleaning: $40 – $120 Per Room

Deep Stain Treatment: $50 – $150 per room.

Per Square Foot:

Standard Cleaning: $0.20 – $0.40 / Sq Ft

Deep Cleaning: $0.30 – $0.50/SF

Luxury Services: $0.50 – $1.00 per square foot

Flat Rate:

Small homes or apartments: $80 – $250

Medium to Large Homes: $150- $500+

Commercial Spaces: $500 – $2,000+

Examples by Home Size

A studio or one-bedroom apartment,

Basic Cleaning: $80 – $150.

Deep Cleaning: $120 – $250.

Including Additional Services: $150 – $300.

Two-Bedroom Home:

Basic Cleaning: $120 – $250.

Deep Cleaning: $200 – $350.

Total With Extras: $250 – $400

Three-Bedroom Home:

Basic Cleaning: $150 – $300.

Deep Cleaning: $250 – $400.

With Additional Services: $300 – $500.

Four-Bedroom Home:

Basic Cleaning: $200 – $400.

Deep Cleaning: $300 – $500.

At additional services: $400 – 600.

Selecting the Appropriate Cleansing Technique

How Carpet is cleaned? There are many ways that carpet can be cleaned – some work better than others, depending on the type of carpet material and what level and types of soiling you have. Know the pros and cons of all these procedures which will help you get a clear idea.

Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)

Best For: High Traffic, Deep Cleaning Tough Stains Things to Think About More time, possibly more expensive

Dry Cleaning (Low Moisture)

Best For Fragile Carpets, Instant Cleaning Needs May leave deeper stains, chemicals


Perfect for: Filthy carpets, Deep clean. Pros: Longer Dry Time, Possible Staining


Good For: Low to medium soil levels, business. Pros: Dries quickly: Not great for deep stains

Bonnet Cleaning

Small roomsMost Common Cleaning: More frequent, surface cleaning and high-traffic areas. What to think about: The surface is clean, and you might need some elbow grease

Extra Services and Other Costs

Carpet cleaning price seems high at first glance, but these services seriously reduce costs by the platform, they also introduce added value and efficiency.

Stain Removal

Spot cleaning – clean up spills and stains on your carpet fibres by using specific solutions for each unique spot. Price also depends on the type and how severe the stain is.


Basic dye packs: $10 -25 per pack,

Expensive stains (i.e. wine or ink) each: $25-$50

Odor Treatment

Odour Treatment: Specialized deodorizers or enzyme treatments to control, mask and eliminate offensive odours from the carpet. The service is especially ideal for pet owners or places with frequent smells.


Overall scents: $15 – $30 per room.

Strong odours (e.g., pet urine): $30 to $60 per room.

A protective coating on your carpet will stay cleaner for longer and easier to clean than without the protection. This service helps to keep your carpet fresher looking long


Small room: $10 – $20.

Large room: $20 – $30.

Furniture Moving

A few carpet cleaning services will move your furniture for free. Some companies will charge you depending on weight. It may be part of the cleaning package or offered at an extra cost.


Light furniture: $10 – 20.00 per room

Large items of furniture: $20-$30 per room

Consideration of environment, and safety

Today, many companies cleaning floors are integrating green solutions and sustainable products because of the environmental impact awareness piling up. Hiring a green cleaning service goes a long way towards healthier indoor atmospheres.

Green Cleaning Solutions

Environmentally friendly carpet cleaning solutions are made with biodegradable, nontoxic ingredients. The solutions are designed to use less harsh chemicals and pose LESS risk of allegoric reactions or getting “poofed in the face”, so to speak, making them another fine option.


Safer for children and pets.

Reduced environmental impact.

Less risk of chemicals Residuals

Energy-Efficient Equipment

Modern carpet cleaning equipment is designed to be energy efficient and reduce water. They provide quality cleaning mode to save more of the natural resources avoiding wastage. Thus it saves both the environment and can aid in reducing costs for the consumer as well


Reduced water usage.

Lower energy consumption.

Less mess cleaning capabilities.

Proper Waste Disposal

To help stay within local landfill regulations responsible rubbish removal should ensure waste products are properly removed with allowed prohibitive items.


Reduces environmental pollution

Educates Individuals on Proper Waste Management.

Carpet Cleaning Tips to Save Money

Carpet cleaning in Melbourne can be a great expense, yet there are several things you can do so that it will save cash without compromising first-class.

Shop Around

Receiving multiple quotes from various carpet cleaners helps you compare pricing and services. Identify what companies have the best rates and check any current promotions or discounts they offer.


Require itemized quotes to know what you are getting.

Be certain to ask about any hidden charges,

Package Deals

If you have a carpet cleaning company such as End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne provides a package deal of 3-5 rooms or services bundled into one super low price. There is room for cost savings when bundling up some services with a thorough cleaning.


Look for packages that fit your requirements.

Ask about Seasonal or Bundle Discounts

Coupons and Discounts

Look out for services that offer coupons, promotions or discounts on carpet cleaning. These can frequently be resourced from company websites, social media or local coupon books.


Subscribe to our newsletters for certain promos.

This includes following companies on social media to benefit from special offers.

Regular Maintenance

Vacuuming regularly and treating any stains quickly will keep your carpets looking cleaner for longer, decreasing the frequency at which professional cleaning is necessary. The quicker a spill or stain is addressed, the better since it will become harder and more persistent to remove over time.


Frequently vacuum high-traffic areas.

Treat spills promptly with a household cleaner.

DIY Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning can be used to look after all the minor stains and spills that happen between professional cleanings. Clean with the right solutions – so long as they don’t damage or stain your carpet fibres.


Even though the cleaners are the best for the home, you must test them when spills happen.

When you blot, dry stains instead of rubbing at them to prevent spread.

Pre-Cleaning Preparation

If you are willing to take the time and effort for carpet cleaning preparation, such as moving furniture off of your carpet areas which will also make it much easier during cleaning (again, less labor intensive) & give a good vacuum. Most other companies charge for these services so you can save by doing it.


Remove any impediments that the robot may have to navigate around.

Thoroughly vacuum to remove loose dirt.

Case Studies

Residents Cleaning: A Case Study

For example: a 2BD apartment, moderate soiling + pet odors

Our Services: Steam cleaning, stain removal, and odour treatment.

Cost: $300

Result: The steam cleaner successfully removed, long-term extracted dirt/ pet soiling and left the customer completely satisfied. It removes stubborn seated smells normally caused by pets. The client was happy to see his carpets so clean and the fast turnaround time we had in drying them.

Case Study 2: Commercial Cleaners

Scenario: 5,000 square feet office, created with busy walk-ins and coffee spills.

Services: Encapsulation Cleaning & Stain Removal

Cost: $1,200

Result: The high-traffic office space quickly got a solution with encapsulation cleaning. The stain was removed, and the carpets were dry in no time, which meant less interruption to the business.

Case Study #3: Fragile Carpet Cleaning

Scenario: Wool High-quality carpet Lightly soiled Typically within a high-end home

Services: Dry cleaning in green solvents.

Cost: $350

Result: The Dry method helped protect the delicate fibres of this wool carpet, as it removed light soil without damaging its textural integrity. We applied the solutions in an eco-friendly way to ensure the cleaning was safe and non-toxic.


Carpet cleaning maintains the beauty, health and life of your rug. Different cleaning methods, pricing considerations, and the availability of other services will all influence your choices in creating effective results for what you need. So, keeping your carpets clean and well-maintained is possible by pondering over eco-friendly practices & safer alternatives like cost-saving measures; or an ideal cleaning process to get rid of nasty stains.

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