Why do I Need to Hire Carpet Steam Cleaning After Renovation or Post-Construction?

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After renovation or construction, the property is covered with dust, debris and harmful chemicals. Here are some main reasons for the requirements of carpet steam cleaning after renovation or construction.

  • Keep the carpet safe for the family members and pets
  • Remove dust and harmful substance 
  • Residues of cement, sawdust, and other dirt deeply, it won’t be possible with vacuuming.
  • Maintain carpet quality and keep carpet fibres fresh
  • Impress the property owner, guest, and visitors
  • Maintain hygiene and fresh odour Health

Decrease the Health Issues:

After construction, the property is covered with dust. It can increase the risk of asthma, breathing, Hay Fever, skin allergies and infections. Melbourne Builders Cleaning team provides the healthiest and safest property environment to you. Deep carpet steam cleaning removes the dirt and decreases the risk of health issues. 

Remove Harmful Substances:

Electricians, builders and carpenters finish their work at the property but they leave sawdust and other harmful substances on the carpet. Harmful small bacteria can’t be seen easily but they sit on the carpet. It requires thorough deep cleaning so people can live in a safe place.

Get Rid of Carpet Marks:

Painters and builders do their best to work carefully but the carpet gets some paint marks, cement drops and mud. Despite having a new carpet, it looks dirty due to carpet marks and dirt. Builders cleaners remove carpet marks and dirt thoroughly and make the carpet shine.

General Carpet Cleaning Tips:

  • If you have booked a carpet cleaning for your furnished property then move your furniture away as much as possible from the carpet. 
  • Remove hard rubbish and other items from the carpet. 
  • Book your carpet cleaning after construction and renovation work finishes at your property.
  • Let the carpet dry completely before you start walking. Otherwise muddy shoes can bring more dirt on wet carpets.
  • The hot water extraction carpet cleaning method is the most suitable method to remove dirt, bacteria and other harmful substances from the carpet.

We’ve professional post-construction cleaners, with 5+ more years of experience in renovation cleaning. If you need carpet steam cleaning service or entire property cleaning after renovations then contact us Now. End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne arranges for free inspection and provide accurate cleaning quotes as per your requirements.

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