Bathroom Cleaning Checklist for End of Tenancy Cleaning 

Everyone likes to keep the bathroom and toilet area clean. Guests also can visit the bathroom or toilet during your house visit. It is necessary to maintain the quality cleaning of the bathroom and toilet all the time. Here is the bathroom cleaning checklist for end of lease cleaning

Bathroom and Toilet Walls: Check for cobwebs in the ceiling or walls. Spiders quickly get in and find a place for the cobwebs. Remove dust and cobwebs from the bathroom and toilet walls and ceilings. Wipe down the bathroom walls if you find any watermarks or other stains. Use multi-purpose spray or hot water spray and microfiber cloth to wipe down the bathroom and toilet walls. 

Shower Screen: A bathroom shower screen easily gets dirty by scaling water drops and grouts can build up in the shower screen over time. It looks really dirty and is easily noticeable by anyone. A shower screen requires deep cleaning at the time of the end of the tenancy. Use vinegar and water spray to polish after cleaning. 

Bathroom and Toilet Floors or Tiles: Bathroom tiles build up grout when it is left unclean for more days. Runny water drops from the leaky bathroom tap build up grease and mould in the tiles. Use a scrubber to remove grease and mould between the tiles. Remove the old silicon and re-grout the tiles if it’s required. Clean the bathroom and toilet floor with the antibacterial disinfectant liquid and sanitise the area. 

Mirrors, Bathtub, Basin, Taps, and Bathroom Accessories: Dirt and watermarks are visible on the bathroom accessories, and other bathroom areas. If you have hard water then scaling is built up near the toilet, bathtub and other surfaces. Simply de-scaled the areas with suitable cleaning chemicals. Use vinegar and water solution to shine or polish the bathroom accessories. These parts are very easy to clean and easy to forget during regular cleaning.

Toilet: It is the dirtiest part of the bathroom. It requires special attention regularly. When you are moving out, make sure you deep clean and sanitize the toilet properly. It is an important part of the end of tenancy cleaning and leaving the sanitised toilet to the new tenants.

Exhaust Fan: It easily gets dust, dirt and grime from the outside. Use a vacuum cleaner or duster to remove dust from the exhaust fan. Use the wet microfiber cloth to remove dirt from the outside of the exhaust fan. 

General Bathroom and Toilet Cleaning Tips:

  • Use a soap dispenser or shower rack to organise your shampoo, soap, cleanser, and other items.
  • Stack your toilet paper, paper towels, and bathroom towels in a cupboard to organise the bathroom and toilet.
  • Remove your bathroom racks or items to clean the bathroom regularly.
  • You can keep multipurpose spray, toilet cleaner, and glass cleaner spray in a bathroom cupboard to clean the bathroom daily.
  • Change a bathroom bin regularly to keep the bathroom odour fresh.
  • Open the bathroom windows or curtains when the bathroom or toilet isn’t in use. Let the sun and fresh air come into a bathroom or toilet to dry the area quickly. It will also help to minimise the buildup of mould.
  • Use candles or an air freshener in the bathroom or toilet to keep the fresh odour.

A Bathroom and Toilet Cleaning Tips for the End of Tenancy Cleaning:

  • Remove all items from the bathroom and toilet for a deep clean to speed up your cleaning process.
  • Use a bathroom cleaning checklist to cover all areas that need to be cleaned during end of lease cleaning. 
  • Hire a handyman to regrout your shower tiles or fix them by yourself if required.
  • Clean and sanitise each part of the bathroom and toilet.
  • Find professional end of lease cleaners for your end of tenancy cleaning before handover the keys to the agents.
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