What is the huge difference between power washing and pressure washing?

There are certain main differences between power washing and pressure washing in real-time examples. 

  • The short answer is Only HEAT. 

In-depth answer:

  • Pressure washing or pressure washer is used to clean cars, concrete and fences appropriately. All dirt, debris and excessive material will come off easily with pressure washing. 
  • Power washing does the same thing, but uses heat. 
  • Both do the same efficient job, but power wash does a powerful job compared to pressure wash as it comes with hot water and pressure. 
  • Pressure washers can be available from any tool shop or Bunnings. However, power wash is mainly used for commercial use and is relatively expensive. 

Let’s talk main difference between Pressure washing vs Power washing:

How do you choose which is the best service for your needs?

  • If you need service at your home, office, driveway, car washing or concrete washing then we suggest pressure wash is the ideal solution for you as this will save you thousands of dollars. 
  • If you’re looking for larger jobs or commercial jobs such as schools, industrial or machinery or remove any grease then we suggest going with power wash, because this comes with hot water and pressure so this will impact a lot more than pressure wash. 
  • Keep in mind, that power washers are difficult to use and dangerous as well. This will need to be used with proper clothes and expertise. 

If you’re looking for pressure wash services then you can contact us to get an affordable and reliable quote. 

Professional Pressure Washing Cleaning Service:

  • Professional pressure washing will wash buildings, outdoor areas, cars, fences, or any rust areas. 
  • A lot of companies have truck or van mount machines so if you’re looking for an industrial area to be power washed then we suggest doing that. But if you’re looking for normal or general purpose then you should go with Karcher or Bunnings equipment. 
  • Our highly experienced team comes with home-based all-material for pressure washing. 
  • As per our use of pressure washers, we recommend using Kranzle KHD7/122TS Home or semi-commercial environments as it comes with 1740 psi second preference will be BigBoi Pressure Washer Flo V2 Domestic which comes with 2600 psi. 
  • Both machines have been great for domestic purposes and do more than what you expect from them. 


  1. How to use DIY Pressure cleaning at home?
  • There are certain ways to use it and it depends on how much time you would like to invest. 1) spray foam and make it wet 2) apply bleach on the concrete area to remove any black marks.
  1. Do I need water to apply pressure cleaning? 
  • Yes, you need water to do pressure cleaning with enough force of water to do quality work.
  1. Do we pressure clean from top to bottom?
  • Yes, we clean from top to bottom. That covers all the areas of the debris, dust, and dirt flow downwards, preventing any messy water from dripping. 
  1. Can you pressure wash windows?
  • Yes, we clean all windows from outside but we suggest doing pressure cleaning on the windows. This will enable us to remove any cobwebs, dirt, debris and all others. 
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