Do tenants have to clean windows at the end of tenancy cleaning?

Windows are essential at the end of tenancy cleaning, especially when moving out. Many agents will only ask you to clean internal windows as outside windows will be messy again depending on the season and availability of the agent. A lot of agents will ask you to do outside windows, but only for the accessible area. 

End of tenancy cleaning is in deep cleaning where the customer needs to check every corner of the place along with all light fittings, window sills, kitchen, bathroom and exhaust fans. The important thing is not many companies will include inside windows in their standard end of tenancy cleaning checklist, however, we include them free of cost. 

Inside windows will include window sills, windows and handles that can be done manually. 

Vacuum and wipe down tracks:

  • Wipe down and cleaning windows are the primary actions to be taken before starting to clean the windows. 
  • Wipe down with wet clothes or microfiber cloths to make sure all dirt and debris take out all insects and other dirt.
  • If this is not too wet then End of lease cleaning Melbourne prefers to use a vacuum to clean all the dirt.

Normal outside windows clean:

There are certain ways to clean outside windows and first will be accessible outside windows clean.

  • It will be to remove all the cobwebs from all around windows and glasses.
  • Make windows and frames wet with a hose or with a bucket. 
  • Clean all windows with Microfiber Clothes and dishwashing liquid. Make sure you use good and clean clothes to wipe down your glasses. 
  • Clean all windows with a squeezy to make it like new and take the remaining water with dry clothes. 

Pressure clean outside windows:

  • Pressure-cleaned windows will give extraordinary results in achieving cleanliness of windows. 
  • A lot of windows have dirt, debris and sticky materials that are hard to remove with normal window cleaning so you need pressure cleaning to be able to remove all the sticky residue. 
  • Many pressure cleaners do a great job but we prefer Karcher because it is the best for it. 
  • Spray pressure clean and chemicals on windows and use squeezy to remove dirt. 

Use Ph- Neutral water:

  • PH Neutral water will help to clean all the dirt and debris with milky residues. This can be easily available in the supermarket or using rubbing alcohol wipes to clean the windows. 
  • Add 2 tablespoons salt in a spray bottle and shake it until salt dissolves in water. Use this mixture to remove dirt, grime and dust away from the windows without harsh chemicals.

Wash/wipe windows with vinegar or dishwasher:

  • Use a spray bottle to clean the window glasses with a vinegar and water solution. 
  • Spray a solution to wipe down windows with a clean microfiber cloth or use squeezy to remove the dirt. The vinegar solution will clean the soil-based residue away easily and make the glasses sparkling clean. 


Windows are an essential part of every house. It is easily noticeable by anyone if they’re dusty or dirty. Little effort can make a big difference in the house’s appearance. Clean and shine your windows with the basic cleaning tips. Tenants can hire end of lease cleaning services with window cleaning to avoid bond reduction. 

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