DIY Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Kitchen is the place where you spend mornings and evenings cooking so it needs to be cleaned from top to bottom. The hardest part in the kitchen is the cabinets and oven cleaning. I will try to recommend some good products in this article for you to use while cleaning your kitchen and it will make your life easy.

Clear the items from kitchen cupboards and benchtop:

It is necessary to clean kitchen items before you commence to clean cupboards and other items. After making it empty, you will have a better idea from where to start and you can see where to put more effort.

Kitchen cupboards cleaning:

Kitchen cupboards are an important part of the kitchen as we put all ingredients and oil in the kitchen cupboards so it makes it dirty and greasy to clean it. Take gif and put it into the cupboards and scrub it. After scrubbing you will get some good smell from the cupboards and all greasy parts will be gone.

benchtop cleaning:

Cleaning the benchtop is the easiest part in the kitchen so you just wipe it down and all rubbish will be put on the floor so you can do vacuuming on the floor so it will make the process really easy. While cleaning the benchtop, you can use a multi-purpose cleaner to clean the kitchen benchtop as it has a great smell and chemicals to remove any light stain from the benchtop.

Oven cleaning:

Oven cleaning is the hardest part among all kitchen items because it needs a little bit manpower and heavy-duty oven cleaner to clean it. Firstly, take down all kitchen trays and other necessary items from the oven. Make them wet and apply heavy-duty oven cleaner to trays and rangehood. Leave it for a few minutes and scrub it. Keep in mind, scrub with gentle on the range hood.

Splashback cleaning:

Splashback is an essential cleaning among all kitchen items. It is really easy to clean and wipe down easily. Use multiple purpose cleaner and spread it to the entire Splashback and wipe down with dry clothes. Also, use gif if it is too greasy.

Cooktop and rangehood cleaning:

Cooktop and Splashback are the most used part of the kitchen. Before you start cleaning the cooktop, apply with Gif and leave it for a few minutes. Meantime, take down the rangehood and make them wet. Apply heavy-duty oven cleaner to rangehood and leave it for a couple of minutes and wash them. Also, apply gentle scrub to remove any black colour.

Sink cleaning:

Removing some rust from the sink is really necessary and it can be easily done through Gif and other bleach. Apply on it and leave for a couple of minutes then scrub to remove any rust from the kitchen sink. Also, apply clean wet clothes with dishwashing liquid to the tap on stainless steel.

Kitchen floor clean:

Cleaning the kitchen floor is mainly required with mopping and vacuuming. While cleaning the entire kitchen, you must have left food particles on the floor so you need to mop the floor clean with some fragrance chemicals so it will give you some fresh smell from the kitchen floor.

These all are DIY kitchen cleaning hacks. Apply this while moving out from your property or vacate cleaning. Kitchen and bathroom will take most of the time while cleaning. All other things inside the property can be done quicker. If you require professional end of lease kitchen cleaning then call End of lease cleaning Melbourne and they will give you 100% satisfaction cleaning guarantee.

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