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Step-by-Step Guide for Floors Vacuum Cleaning

Find out tips and tricks for your property floor vacuum cleaning. Here is the step-by-step guide for a proper vacuum cleaning at your property.  Step 1: Move the Obstacles Step 2: Get Ready with the Vacuum Cleaning Equipment Step 3: Pick your Vacuum Cleaning Day & Time Step…
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Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Bathrooms and toilets are the dirtiest area of the property. Bathroom required to be clean and tidy at all times. Try these bathroom cleaning tips and tricks to clean your bathroom. Shower Screen Cleaning: Use Vinegar and water solution to get rid of water marks from the shower…
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How to Clean the Dishwasher at Your Home or Office?

The dishwasher is highly recommended for the household with the family. It saves more water than cleaning the dishes through tap water in a sink. The dishwasher requires cleaning to keep your plates, glasses, cups and other crockery safe and germ-free. Here are some tips and tricks to…
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How to Keep your house clean during the winter school holidays?

Kids may have more time for other activities than studies during school holidays. It’s an excellent time to involve your child in house maintenance tasks to build their skills. It also helps you to share the household chores with the family. Here are some tips on How to…
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