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End of Lease Cleaning Tips for the Tenants

End of tenancy cleaning is one of the disputes that occur between tenants and landlords at the time of lease. Landlord or rental agent mention about the cleaning requirement in a bond agreement so tenants can provide the same cleaned house as they received at the time of…
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Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Bathrooms and toilets are the dirtiest area of the property. Bathroom required to be clean and tidy at all times. Try these bathroom cleaning tips and tricks to clean your bathroom. Shower screen Cleaning: Use Vinegar and water solution to get rid of water marks from the shower…
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How to Clean the Dishwasher at Your Home or Office?

The dishwasher is highly recommended for the household with the family. It saves more water than cleaning the dishes through tap water in a sink. Dishwasher requires cleaning to keep your plates, glasses, cups and other crockery safe and germ-free. Here are some tips and tricks to clean…
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Grout Cleaning Tips and Tricks

How to do grout cleaning of the bathroom and floor tiles? Grout is the filling between two tiles which becomes dirty, blackish over the time. Bathroom tiles continuous in contact with the water, soapy solution, and dirt. It requires regular cleaning otherwise grout stores the dirt and become…
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How to Remove Cigarette Smell From Your Property?

Most the people prefer to smoke outside but if they don’t then property stinks a lot due to cigarette smell. Candles and odour sprays are temporary solutions to remove odour. Furniture, clothes, curtains, carpet absorbs cigarette and tobacco smells over the period. It is required to deep clean…
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DIY Kitchen Cleaning Tips

DIY Kitchen Cleaning Kitchen is the place where you spend mornings and evenings cooking so it needs to be cleaned from top to bottom. The hardest part in the kitchen is the cabinets and oven cleaning. I will try to recommend some good products in this article for…
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How End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne Helps You in the Covid-19 Situation?

Tenants have the rights to get a germ-free house in this critical time. According to the Victorian government and rental agreement policy, every landlord has the rights to get their property in the same condition as they have provided to their tenants. End of lease cleaning Melbourne helps you…
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End of Tenancy FAQs

Basic Vacate Cleaning Questions: What is end of Tenancy cleaning? At the end of rental agreement period, Tenant needs to clean the entire property to get their bond money back. It’s a last cleaning of any rental property. Who is responsible for End of Lease Cleaning? Tenant lives in…
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How long does end of lease cleaning take?

How long does end of lease cleaning take? End of lease cleaning time depends on service requirements and size of the house.  What are the factors affecting to End of lease cleaning time? size of the house  Service requirements  Condition/ dirtiness of house Number of bedrooms and bedrooms …
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Looking for cleaners before Christmas !!!!!!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet!!!??? Most of people will agree with this. We have the excitement of Christmas month and upcoming new year. We have few days before that. Hey, have you cleaned your house to welcome new year!!!!!??? There are many questions that people have…
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